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Upon Witnessing Something Spectacular

I experienced something extraordinary the other day, and with all of the crazy negativity in the world lately, I thought it might be worth sharing.

As I hauled my groceries home, caught up in my own troubles- lips pulled down into a frown, eyebrows furrowed- I just happened to look up… and witnessed a most glorious sky.

Powder blue tinged with baby pink and orange along the edges from the setting sun- a baby blanket covering the earth. Wispy, feathery clouds streaked white across it, the sun’s rays lighting them aglow, turning them a whitish-gold.

I could feel the sweat dripping down my back; I could hear the trains rolling on by. The world had kept on moving, but it was moving without me. My breath had caught in my throat; my troubles disappeared as my mind went blank. There was just the sky above my head and the warm, slight breeze brushing past me. My world had stopped for a moment underneath that sky.

And then the moment passed: with a sigh, my world started moving again. I felt the weight of my groceries. I felt my feet planted firmly, and as I started to walk, each step felt strong and purposeful.

I readjusted my bags, wiped some sweat from my forehead, and kept moving forward. Glancing quickly at that glorious sky, I gave it a wry smile as if sharing some happy secret, feeling silly all the while.

So that was it: a beautiful sky. When I recounted the experience to my mom, I could see that same sky in my mind’s eye as clearly and as beautifully as I did that day…and it brought me to tears. Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve gotten to the point where a pretty sky makes me so emotional, but it does nonetheless. I’m just going to chalk it up as one of those “stop and smell the flowers” moments and leave it at that.

I hope some of you appreciated reading about it as much as I appreciated seeing it. I hope it makes your day a little bit brighter.

© 2016 by That Voice in my Head - Meagan Finlay

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