About me

Hi! I'm Meagan and welcome to my website! I'm a recent graduate of Florida State University where I tripled majored in Japanese Language and Culture, Business Management, and Theatre. I just moved to Japan to pursue a writing career. 


A lot of my writing revolves around my favorite things: travel, theatre, food, and books! Japan is what I like to call my "heart country" since I have no ties to it other than my love for it, but I enjoy travelling all over the world- France, Ireland, across the US. Whether I'm travelling or just lazing about, I love to read. Harry Potter was my first major introduction to reading and is what made me fall in love with books. So naturally, my favorite genres are fantasy/young adult novels. When I don't have my nose in a book, I absolutely love going to the theatre! I'll watch anything from a traditional musical or play to Japanese kabuki or the Takarazuka Revue. With my academic theatre background, I'll often write reviews of the shows I see in both English and Japanese- that way, both audiences get a unique experience or point of view. 


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